one hip angel music randi

Randi grew up as the youngest child in a family of hard working musicians.  Father was a Dixieland jazz band leader, trombone player and showman.  Mother played piano and sang.  Older sister sings and plays piano and folk guitar.  Oldest brother is a musical genius, trumpet player, composer, arranger.  Closest brother is a legendary drummer. Randi says she used to sing jazz and blues but now sings the Good News.  She is also a composer and plays piano and guitar.

She started out in musical theatre, went on to singing in clubs and doing studio work.  She wrote jingles for an advertising agency and songs for other musicians.  She has performed around the world, writing hundreds of songs and producing five albums. Her writing talents expanded into a blog and two books.

She has a Ph.D. in Counseling with an addictions specialty, a Masters in Professional Counseling and a Bachelors in Psychology.  She holds over 14 psychotherapy credentials and two Board Certifications.

She is the proud mother of three children and one absolutely irresistible Sharpei.  Her wish is to hire musicians to follow her around, hiding behind trees, playing mood music for her wherever she goes.