September 19, 2020

Imagine a large corporation calling an emergency meeting with all of its highest level executives and stockholders.  Flying them in from various cities and countries around the world.  Travel arrangements, hotel reservations being made, limos and car services at the ready to provide transportation from the airport to the meeting location.  An elaborate spread of pastries, juices, coffees, ice water.  Whiteboards, Smart Boards, legal pads, pens, pencils.  Phone and computer chargers beside each genuine leather ergonomic chair, strategically placed around a magnificent conference room table.

Everyone arrives, takes their place at the table and the meeting facilitator rises to call the meeting to order.  “Ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for coming on such short notice.  We have an important and pressing issue we are facing as a company.  You have all been made aware of the details.  We have arranged to spend 3 hours together today to focus on this issue and only on this issue.  So, commence worrying.”

Can you imagine calling a meeting to worry?  What a waste of resources, time, money and energy.  What a ridiculous concept.  Yet, each time we find ourselves worrying over something we are imitating that exact same scene.  We have called a meeting to worry.  Worrying accomplishes nothing productive.  Worrying is an anxiety producing behavior choice which does nothing to solve the problem but does much to convolute the worrier, rendering him or her helpless.

Instead of worrying, if you must spend time ruminating over a topic or issue, replace worry with brainstorming.  Brainstorming is more productive, takes up less time and produces a list of alternative solutions.  Brainstorming leaves you with a feeling of accomplishment even if the problem still exists.  

Worrying is constricting and chokes out any creativity, prolonging the problem and heightening the anxiety level.  Brainstorming expands the mind and affords an opportunity for unrestricted creative thinking.  One action is depleting and damaging.  The other is energizing and life-giving.

Make a conscious choice to change your worrying into brainstorming.  Your problem and your mood will thank you for it.

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