January 24, 2020

After writing a song I usually have an overwhelming fear that I may never be able to write another.  And yet, ‘in the passage of time’, I am blessed with the next one.  I equate songwriting to conception and birth.  There is an emotion, a moment, a spark, a seed, a spontaneous energy that previously did not exist and, after a period of germination, a musical composition is born.

This thought struck me the other day.  There are only 12 notes – in various octaves, but only 12 notes.  In all the years of musical creation, in all the genres, we have yet to run out of songs.  Thousands of years of song writing, countless composers, incalculable numbers of songs and still more and more are written everyday.  Just think of the Billboard 100 and the Top 40 from every month of every year that you have existed.  Think of the most popular songs from ages past that we never even hear anymore.

It got me thinking of things we never run out of.  Music, art, literature, medical advancements, inventions, Star Wars sequels and love.  We never run out of love.  I can’t keep enough chocolate in my candy drawer, but I never run out of love.  We love our first child and can’t imagine loving anything more.  We have another and BAM!  Our capacity for love has not diminished but doubled!  We love our pets and they die.  We risk loving one again and BAM!  Our love takes on a whole new shape, but equally as strong.

Other things that fall under the category of love are gratefulness, kindness, forgiveness, generosity and grace.  These emotions and subsequent acts are rivers of love and deep wells that never run dry.

We live in a society of ‘more’.  More money, more youth, more food, more toys, more sex, more power.  All of those pursuits are bottomless pits, creating an increased desire that will never be satiated.

Love is an enigma.  It is the only resource that creates more of itself the more it’s used.  It is the ultimate return on investment.  Brain studies have shown that the pleasure derived from doing something for someone else is greater and lasts longer than doing something just for yourself.  We are neurologically hard-wired for love.

Princess Leia was wrong.  Obi-Wan is not our only hope.  Love is.

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