May 25, 2020

Parking is permitted on one side of the street in my neighborhood. There are signs posted to indicate where parking begins and where it ends. That first spot, the one closest to the sign, has been silently touted as the Prince of Parking Spaces. It shall heretofore be known as ‘the spot.’ How do I know this? By witnessing the spectacular lengths at which my neighbors vie for and jockey for this coveted position.

I park in my garage, so I am not a participant in this blood sport, but I am a spectator. My home office faces the street and I have divinely been awarded preferred seating. While the comings and goings of my neighbors holds no interest for me, the battle for ‘the spot’ is a highly enjoyable study in human behavior.

I begin my day by opening the blinds and observing the winner from the previous night. He or she who secures the spot for the entire night has bragging rights and, no doubt, sleeps with a satisfactory smile on their face. But the victory is short-lived, as the pressure begins again with the start of each new parking day.

Those who work from home have a court advantage over those who must vacate ‘the spot’ as necessary to make their living. One neighbor actually moves his car from spots of shame further down the street into ‘the spot’, exiting the vehicle with a look of pride and a smug strut. In a final gesture of defiance, mashing the lock button on the key fob with a flourish and slamming the front door behind them. The sound of the car horn signifying superiority, as if to say, ’I beat you this time.’

No one can be first all the time. If your focus is solely on getting ’the spot’, what are you missing that may be going on all around you? You had ‘the spot’ and didn’t want to give it up so you lost out on being with friends, going on that trip or having that new experience.

‘The spot’ ends up costing you. ‘The spot’ ends up controlling you. Have you actually won anything, beat anyone or gained a single thing?

Is there ‘the spot’ in your life? Something that you have allowed to elevate itself to a place of importance that overshadows other things? Take a look at what may be vying for and jockeying for first place in your life. We get what we focus on.

For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. Luke 12:34

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